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  Lessons that get results  

  Beginner Class    

Main Street Music teaches students of all ages, many of whom are beginners – each teacher has started from scratch with countless beginning students. We stress music reading, proper technique and posture, introductory exercises based on familiar songs, and proper practice methods at home. Students move from Beginner Classes after achieving pre-determined milestones.

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  Intermediate Class    

Students who have successfully completed the Beginner Class, or have demonstrated similar aptitude, are able to choose an intermediate program that meets their taste and musical direction. The teacher will have suggestions for the student based on skill and interest, and will develop the program in conjunction with the student.

  Our Teachers    

We're training the musical performers and educators of the future. All of our instructors can recall their earliest musical experience and will work diligently to pass down what they've learned. We take this responsibility seriously. Click here for individual teacher bios.

  Rock Band 101 - Summer Series  

Players who would like to perform in an ensemble format are encouraged to take part in Main Street Music's "Rock Band 101" program. We provide the equipment, the setlist, the venue, and the live sound reinforcement. Sessions are designed to produce an eight- to ten-song set, and the band performs on-stage in front of friends, relatives, and guests. The players help pick the song list, the band name, and the instruments for each number.

Over the past many years, players have made concerts of classic rock, punk, jazz, and pop songs, in venues ranging from the Odeum to the Red Rock Grill to the posh Updike Room at the Greenwich Hotel. Contact us or stop by to sign up.

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